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October 10 2016


NJ French Macarons

For a long time, confectionary products such as the famous macarons have been used as dessert. Macarons were introduced in France in 1533 by the chef of Catherine de Medicis during her marriage ceremony to Duc d'Orleans. In 1547, Duc d'Orleans was crowned as the King of France. At the time, meringue, almond powder, and sugar were the key ingredients used in making the macarons.

Since then, macarons found their way into other nations like the United States. Contemporary culinary experts have come up with brighter and more colorful varieties of macarons. Today, New Jersey-based Asalt and Buttery has gained popularity as one of the best makers of NJ French Macarons

Asalt and Buttery

Asalt and Buttery ensures all their delicacies meet top quality standards. It utilizes quality ingredients such matcha green tea, European cultured butter, as well as Valrhona and Callebaut chocolate European cultured butter. The establishment provides a myriad of other products such as cupcakes, brownies, cannoli, brownies, and caneles. However, they are predominantly renowned for their trademark macarons.

The bake shop highly recommends the refrigeration and consumption of its NJ French Macarons within five days. However, the macarons can be frozen for a maximum of three months. Here are some of the key macarons from Asalt and Buttery:-

Classic Collection

This box of NJ French Macarons is packed with 10 of Asalt and Buttery's flavors. The flavors include Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Tahitian Vanilla, Pistachio, Cassis (Black Currant), Salted Caramel and Lemon. Macarons enthusiasts can acquire this box of 20 at $45.00.

Mini Mac Tower for In Store Pick-Up

The Mini Mac Tower serves as one of the unique products offered by Asalt and Buttery. The Mac tower is not only beautiful, but also superbly delicious. The $112 charged for the Mini Mac is inclusive of 40 Macarons plus the tower.

Chocolate Lover's Collection

This particular collection is designed to suit the needs of chocolate enthusiasts. The $45 collection boasts of four top flavors including Salted Caramel, S'Mores, Hazelnut Nutella, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Chocolate Raspberry.

How to Order NJ French Macarons from Asalt and Buttery

The shop offers an option to make online orders. To use this option, however, customers need to create an account at the shop's official website. After creating an account, select and add the desired products to your shopping cart. Customers can also make selections of custom flavors by sending an email to Sales@asatandbuttery.net after placing an order or visiting http://asaultandbuttery.net

June 12 2016

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A Brief Tale of the Macaron

The newest "new to you, old to others" recipe making the round is the macaron, a delightfully moist cookie. While it shares certain similarities with the macaroon, there a number of differences that ensure that you will not mistake them for long: While both start as basically a meringue the macaroon usually has shredded coconut folded into it before baking while macarons use ground almonds. Also, while macaroons are usually served either plain or  dipped in chocolate, macarons are more of a sandwich cookie with an iced top and a variety of fillings. 

Although originating in Italy in the 16th century, macarons eventually found a home in France. There is  a museum dedicated to the cookie in Montmorillon. Virtually every region has its own variation, with differences in the filling providing the biggest difference, although the shape of the cookie can vary as well. The biggest difference is between the Italian and French school, which define how the meringue is made. In either case when the meringue is made it is then piped onto a sheet and allowed to bake into a thin skin. Once finished and shaped, the bottom part is covered in filling and the top put on. The top is usually dipped to give it a pastel shell. After cooling it is ready to be eaten. 

 The cookie has become the favorite of American chefs who have created their own versions. Americans have had a little bit more fun with the filling, with almost every kind of filling employed by different pastry chefs. Although it is noted that macarons are hard to create they are well worth the effort, and some chefs have found ways to mass produce the cookie. It is not hard to find some great place that sells them, either in Europe or America. For those interested in creating them there are a wide variety of recipes available for any taste. It may take some practice, but it is well worth it. 

The macaron has undergone little change since its beginning in terms of its form, but has evolved in a number of ways. The fillings have been adapted to modern tastes and have proliferated almost beyond count. The cookies have been the basis of new businesses, even showing up on a business pitch show. Macarons are a fun cookie to make, and add just the right touch of lightness to dessert. As they are a great cookie for almost every situation it is unlikely that they will ever disappear from the menu, and it is more likely that they will continue to proliferate.
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